Family run Cat boarding with peace of mind, security and health 
our priority, more attention than at home and the biggest rooms.

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All of our accommodation are walk in style rooms with a minimum room floor area of 3m2 as we believe cats need space 24hrs a day to stretch their legs. In addition our guests are all rotated through our three large play area/central areas  individually.

Every room has a large window/door enabling full view out into the surrounds so our guests can watch the bird life outside or the comings and goings of the resort. Some rooms are more private and suit the quieter cat with views of only the gardens and others face towards reception or house yard enabling the additional stimulation of the resort arrivals and departures or children playing.

We have both air-conditioned/heated rooms and fresh air rooms (subject to availability), so you can choose the room style that is most similar to how your cats live at home for their comfort.

All our rooms have a couple of ledges, a scratch post, hidey hole as well as a comfy bed. In addition we have ramps/stairs to assist with older guests as well as tunnels and toys for the more playful (these are designated on an as need basis). 

For families we have set aside a complete block which is charged per room rather than per cat (our standard family and large family rooms). These rooms are all designed and set up for multiple cat families with separate bowls and sleeping areas. 

All our guests get Individual/family playtime included (guests are not socialised)

Budget rooms

- $25/cat/day or $30/room/day (for up 2 same family cats sharing)
- Inside rooms only with large windows (reception, house and garden views available) 
- Approximately 3m2 
- Includes cuddle time/brush/playtime   
-  Adjoining rooms with/without cat flap are available for non-sharing families (subject to availability)
-  Specific shared rooms with additional bench space and bowls for families.
-  rooms are air-conditioned
-  daily facebook photos (where possible)
-  See below for discounts

Standard rooms

- $30/cat/day  or $35/room/day (for up to 3 same family cat sharing)
- Inside rooms with sliding window opening out to a deck (reception, house and garden views available)
- large sun-lounge bed
- Approximately 4m2 
- Includes cuddle time/brush/playtime   
-  rooms are air-conditioned
-Some walls have a full mesh wall for the very cat friendly cats but most have a half solid wall.
-  daily facebook photos (where possible)
-  See below for discounts


- $35/cat/day or $40/room/day (for up to 5 same family cats sharing)
-  Extra large inside outside rooms
- Large outdoor area with hammock/swinging chair
- Approximately 6m2 
-  Single bed and large scratch tower for sitting
-  TV/DVD players in each room with videos running 24/7
- Includes cuddle time/brush/playtime   
-  rooms are air-conditioned/heated
-  daily facebook photos (where possible)
-  See below for discounts


( only one discount permitted at a time, and only valid with the 2019 price structure as above)

-  10% discount for Senior Pensioners (must be notified at time of booking and senior pensioner card must be shown at check in)

-  10% discount for non sharing multi-pet families (must live in the same house at home and arrive and depart together).​ Sharing families discount is structured into the family rooms

-  10% long term discount for 31-60 days (outside of peak periods only, full period must be paid in full at check in- no credits or refunds given for changes)

-  20% long term discount for 61-90 days (outside of peak periods only, full period must be paid in full at check in- no credits or refunds given for changes)