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Boarding conditions

Our boarding conditions hav​e been designed for the safe and continued running of our facility. To avoid disappointment please do not ask us to modify our conditions.

These conditions will be required to be accepted prior to boarding and are non-negotiable.


1. Proof of full current F3 vaccination required

2.Current Flea, tick and worming prevention required. Evidence of parasites will be treated at owners expense.

3. Open for Arrivals and departures between 8-10am Monday-Saturday, bookings essential. 4-4.30pm available upon prior request weekdays off peak only. Customers are not permitted outside of these times. Closed Sundays and Public holidays.

4.Full Payment is required in advance or via EFTPOS on the day of arrival. (payment must be cleared by check in so please allow 3 business days for online transfers). No cash or cheques.

5. Boarding is charged per night with afternoon checkout incurring an additional nights charge.

6.There is 14 night minimum charge over Christmas/New year

7. All bookings for peak periods require the following within 24hrs or booking will be cancelled

- a $150 non-refundable/non-transferable booking fee (subtracted from the total invoice, NOT an additional charge)

-acceptance of boarding conditions (required once per calendar year)

- +/- medication request forms if required

8. Christmas/New year bookings must be paid in full a minimum of 45 days prior to booked arrival date or the booking will be automatically cancelled and booking fee forfeited (a reminder will be sent 1 week prior). Please check your travel insurance covers pet boarding if there is any risk of cancellation as this is not refundable.

9. Cats must be in good physical health without Coughing/sneezing/weeping eyes/ vomiting/diarrhoea/parasitic infestations or infectious diseases within 7 days preceding boarding. 

10 Should it be required Veterinary care will be arranged at any available vet at the owner’s expense

11. Medication (including supplements) may be administered however MUST be approved in advance via email, medication form must be completed and medication must be supplied by you. All medications including supplements incur an additional $5/dose charge. Medications presented at check-in with no written approval will not be administered and cat will be refused entry.

12.Non-desexed cats over the age of 6 months are not permitted

13. Cats must arrive in a secure/escape proof carry box which then remains onsite. 

14. Vacation cat resort holds the right to refuse any customer or cat.

15. Failure to abide by these boarding conditions will result in immediate cancellation of the booking with no refunds or credits given.


CANCELLATION POLICY (we encourage getting travel insurance that covers pet boarding- as this is non negotiable)

1. No refunds or credits will be given for returning earlier than booked return date once boarding has commenced

2. Shortened/cancelled or part cancelled bookings for peak periods forfeit 100% booking fee
3. Shortened/cancelled or part cancelled Christmas/new year bookings within 45days of booked arrival date will forfeit full payment

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