Family run Cat boarding with peace of mind, security and health 
our priority, more attention than at home and the biggest rooms.

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Open hours

Our guests are on Vacation they need time to relax and enjoy

Monday- Friday 8-10 am  or 4-5pm
Saturday 8-10am
Sunday 4-5pm

Closed to customers on the- 19/20/21/22 and 25 of April- 23/24/25/26/27/30/31 of December- 1/2/3 of January​Bookings and enquiries can still be made outside of these times. However we will not accommodate out of hours arrivals and departures. ​

Peak Periods 

- December 15th 2018- January 28th 2019

- April 5th 2019- April 23rd 2019

- June 28th 2019-July 15th 2019

- September 20th 2019- October 8th 2019

- December 13th 2019- January 28th 2020